My Latest Projects

Multi Multi

Troubleshooting is not that difficult, especially with a very large network.
This network is here for you! We connect people who want to help each other.
The Multi Multi helpdesk will put you in touch with someone who can help you specifically. Worldwide.

Register now on the website for free and e-mail your request for help.


My first photobook has been published. In the time of corona is about the lockdown period when I was in Brussels. Photos from the surreal atmosphere in the capital of Europe. You can buy your copy at:

Pick my brain

do you want to have a quick 30 minutes chat about something in your life and I can maybe help you? or do you want an hour and my view on a problem? whatever it is you can now book a meeting, coaching, interview or coffee with me using the amazing website


What is the experience from a Multipotentialite in South Africa? In Jordan? In Bangladesh?... I interview people all over the world to share their experiences and maybe inspire you!
Do you want to participate, please contact me for an intake. 


A movie about the connection in the world with people who have created a new way of being. Multiple specialism with an enormous energy flow to everything at the same time. This in contrast of the current society, focus on your specialty. Your can find the trailer here. Please contact for cooperation here.


My interviews with multipotentialites will also be available as podcasts. you can find them here:


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Clubhouse app

I have a daily (11-11.30 CET) talk show on clubhouse, I interview people on stage. when you are in the room i select you to come on stage, and you can share your story. but if it's boring you're right back in the room. Do I love it? you could end up being interviewed by me!

you can find me at my name or by the username "knop".