Perry was brilliant. I instantly felt the connection. I have more to say but I will save it for my submission.
- Ric Clark

I loved talking with Perry. It was like meeting an old friend for the first time. His insights and passion is just so inspiring.

Perry was absolutely lovely to chat with. I look forward to getting to work with him more in the future and would highly recommend chatting with him if you can find some time!
- Liz K.

perry is incredible as a personality ! !
Firstly, the whole site and all the transparent information appeals to me
He is accessible and open to ideas and definitely comes from the same planet as me
I was incredibly excited and inspired by his contribution and thoughts during our 58min ....not 30min ! ! !... conversation and I'm very grateful he gave me that extra time
I hope to make this a long-standing relationship and have already emailed 4 of my most creative friends to get hold of you
I also hope we can collaborate on T-shirt designs for the Octopus movement.....
I can send you the design options, once you've chosen your favorites, it will be a good idea to find a printer in Amsterdam as the shipping costs are enormous
We can also get a good shot of Perry and photoshop a few designs for approval

KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK ! ! ...we can all learn so much from each other

-Marlene ming

Great workshop and as always you get lot of time together with others.
- Kenneth Augdal

It was very nice to talk about being multipotentialite with a lot of other like-minded people. Perry had a very clear presentation that gave insights in a lot of dilemma’s you run into as a jack of many trades!
It gave me a lot of inspiration and a lot of new connections, wonderfull to find kindred spirits!
- petra rekman

t's great to know that fellow souls are spread all over the world and Perry is definitely one of them. A multipotentialite like me, we focus on blurs. The best in life is there. :-)
- barbara sbrocca

Cannot express in words the passion and enthusiasm of this man about making the world, even if a just little brighter. Great drive, great brain, purpose-driven.
Amazing call from the first minute to the last one, can't wait for the next call =)
-yev malichevskyy

Had a very pleasant call with Perry. We immediately connected and shared some of our recent endeavors and insights. Looking forward to next time.
- erwin e

Connecting with Perry was wonderful! His passion for finding and getting to know non-linear thinkers is infectious, and the Octopus Project is an inspiration. It’s been said you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it, so finding people who think differently may be just what we need in this most interesting and challenging era of humanity.

- owen bondurant

Connecting with Perry is always a joy. He has such a beautiful and unique outlook on people and the world, he has creative solutions and provokes thought. He is focussed and driven to build the Octopus Movement which I believe will have big impact on the world. If you have not met/spoken to Perry - book right now. I guarantee you will not regret it

- Eugenie drakes

Interesting, fun and full of energy

- catalina mihaela

Perry brings the best people together in really inspiring ways. Businesses are created, conversations are inspired, energy is transferred and love is felt by all.
- Maxine cunningham

Every moment speaking with Perry is an experience: positive, uplifting, worldly, refreshing, and pragmatic. He is a free thinker, nonlinearly and multipotentialitely, and you will soon appreciate his gift to converse (in the good old-fashioned caring way) and he will bring out the best conversation between the two of you.
I value him as a friend. You will too.

- marc w. halpert

Perry is always a joy to talk to. I love his bias towards action and materializing ideas into the world.
- daniel hernandez

I had a great talk with Perry about the Octopus Movement and his unique perspectives on the world and its interaction with multipotentialites. I came away with a unique understanding of my own multi-faceted personality and as a proud member of the Octopus Collective. Looking forward to many for great talks. Thanks Perry!

- will ferry

On LinkedIn, there was an opportunity for me to connect with this other non linear brain like myself and I thought "Well, why not have a chat with him, since it's possible. Plus I already appreciate what he does for the community and I want to connect with more like-minded people..."

So I had the pleasure to have a friendly and very inspiring Zoom conversation with Perry (thank you, technology!). He's such a poised, interesting, creative and altruistic person. And that felt so great to be able to discuss with another multipotentialite, someone who talks the same language as you and who understands all the challenges you're facing even before you actually say them. Lol.

I got very useful tools and tips from him but what I liked the most was the fact that he saw (and turned into words) the way I use my own multipotentialite skills to help even non multipotentialite people to get focused, organized, connected to their potentials. Something that had never hit me before. Ah ah.

You're a really cool person to hang out with, Perry, and I send you many positive vibes so you can achieve your different goals with the impact they deserve :)

- veronique gautier

Spectacular in every way. Will leave you vibrating and simling for days to come.

- Maxine cunningham

Perry and I are setting off to change the world . . .
- benjamin lloyd

Great guy to talk to. It is great to talk to someone who is thinking at the same speed. It was fun!

- yoka brouwer

Wow, where to start!? A true kindred spirit! Perry is so wonderful, passionate, and excited!

He's got such a wonderful mind and he's so passionate about sharing knowledge. In the true meaning of "time flies when you're having fun", our call flowed effortlessly from topic to topic as we shared about our ideas, our passions, and what we were working on; ultimately ending too soon.

Perry is taking on big things, and I am so inspired by him! It was an absolute pleasure, and I would happily spend many more hours picking his brain! Honored to be able to call him a friend now!

- gabe van bergen

If the expression "Vulcan mind-meld" is familiar with you (the alien Mr. Spock on Star Trek was able to meld minds with his contacts as if they were one person), then you will know what a great experience it was to spend an hour matching wits and thoughts with Perry Knoppert on his podcast the other day.
It is rare for me to feel so connected to an interviewer, and in this chat, Perry and I converse, rather than he interview me. In a great event, the time goes by so quickly and I have no idea where that hour went!
Perry is a wonderful, warm, and sensitive Brain whom I am fortunate to call my friend as well. That doesn't happen all the time, so I revel in those times and with beautiful people when it does!
Thank you, Perry. Here's to more mind-melding!
- Marc w. halpert

Perry is an awesome guy! Very fun to talk to, and has a lot of cool stories to share. You immediately feel like his friend and that you've known him for a long time.

I instantly felt his love for connecting people and meeting new people. You will feel refreshed and energized after having talked to him.

- omar mbareche

Perry has a likability factor that is unmatched. Whether he is asking for your opinion or giving his own, he is a delight to interact with. I've watched him lead Zoom calls and facilitate discussions in Facebook groups and he treats everyone and their ideas with infinite admiration and respect. He is exactly the right person to lead a movement as important as the Octopus Movement. If you have an opportunity to pick Perry's brain, I highly recommend you do so!!

- jennie o'connor

Perry is a delightful person - so full of life. and so authentic.
I feel that he has done wonderfully in life challenging odds and living on his own terms.
He is a great listener tool

- mani padmanabhan

Perry is awesome. Helpful, inspiring and caring. With his help I'm stretching myself more and more. Looking forward to all to come!
- angela pratten

Perry is your go-to person when you need an advice - almost on EVERYTHING.
He is attentive, receptive and a clear thinker. If you strive for feedback that will motivate you further, pick Perry's brain.

- inbal drue

Had an awesome talk with Perry about multipotentialism and his projects with the goal of bringing this concept to the world and helping people understand others, particularly those who don't fit in 'boxes'. Very enthusiastic and friendly, I would recommend meeting Perry even just to have a friendly chat!

- joanna tan

Perry has a beautiful way of seeing the world through a unique lens. He is passionate and his passion is inspiring. We connected well as we are kindred spirits and I look forward to journeying further with him as we share a similar future vision
- eugenie drakes

Perry has been an amazing inspiration sharing his knowledge on multipotentialites and how we can grow into our better selves. He has shown active listening, care and he is a real multipotentialite cheerleader! I strongly recommend have a chat or followling one of his sessions or challenges if you identify as a multipotentialite or want to know more about us ;) Thanks a lot for your time and your care Perry :) Our discussions will be continued :)

- aline rodrigues

Perry is the coolest. His mind is a magical palace and when you are there with him you can go any which way. I booked this session with Perry to go over my pitch deck, and he not only filled me with confidence but he also was able to very quickly see the vision, the path, and the value proposition. And offered to connect me with the right people to help me take it to the next level.

We also jammed on 3 other ideas that are complete game-changers as well.

Warning: If you book a session with Perry, you will walk away with more ideas and connections than when you came in. And you will feel like you can take on anything!

- maxine cunningham

Great experience. Available for help and assistance as we went along and filled with useful advice and positive energy. Thank you!

- christopher damito

Since I found out there were other multipotentialites in the world, I felt so much better about my multiple interests and passions.
Getting in contact with Perry, head of The Octopus Movement, is the best thing anyone looking to improve themselves and feel part of a wider community could look for.
Perry's energy and enthusiasm about our multipotentiality is immeasurable and he is so charismatic, helping anyone that feels they don't fit under one category to be proud of who we are and thrive in a world of specialists.
Can't thank you enough, Perry! 

- daniel fuenmayor

I'm so glad that I was able to connect with Perry. He answered all questions that I had with such positivity. He is passionate about helping other people find their inner octopus. I also took his 5 day challenge, and it was life changing. I have literally decided to uproot my life to pursue my passion and move back to the United States. He is a wonderful friend, and mentor. Thank you Perry for always coming to the table with ideas.
- sarah chamberlain

Perry is AMAZING! Such a super-smart, interesting (and interested!), multi-talented, and incredibly nice guy! Any chance to interact with or work with him would be a brainy decision on your part!
- todd cherches